Saturday, 26 July 2014

remember the finger pointing bullying at the double imhl? he seems to be getting away with it

double imhl website
It's a whitewash.  No surprise there then.

He was on their management group and they tasked him with my complaint against him.  How daft is that?

He said I'd called myself a "service user".  Wrong.

He said I'd badmouthed a high heid yin.  Wrong.

He said his anger was justified.  Wrong.

I told him to get his facts right.  

He tried to put the blame on me for his unwarranted attack.  I didn't know him from Adam. 

Here's a quote from my Email response to him on 22 July 2014, copied in to various high heid yins, when I realised my complaint was going nowhere:

"I was taken aback by your unprofessional behaviour at the event although at the time thought it was because you were a service user.  You said you were so I took you at your word.  Then when I saw your list of positions on LinkedIn which no doubt will mean payment of one sort or another I was very annoyed.  I thought.  How dare he point the finger at me!  Who does he think he is?"

This guy obviously thinks he can turn on an unsuspecting mother and activist who paid their own way to Manchester.  Point the finger, get angry, not declare who he is, at an international mental health event, in full view of others.  And get away with it.  


Some random tweets from Storify of tweets on my Manchester trip:


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