Wednesday, 9 July 2014

non-compliant health boards, uncivil servants and project ginsberg

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It's the topsy turvy world of Scottish Government's mental health division where it seems the high and mighty reign in power, beyond the reach of public opinion. Targeting health boards with HEAT and badmouthing unpaid carers with unkind words. 

The reward for hitting targets and keeping order is promotion to higher places.  Or maybe to the level of their own incompetence?  Who knows.  The truth is hard to find and the ones who are having to suffer for it don't know why. 

There are meant to be Registers of Interest in every Scottish health board area (see HDL (2003) 62) where doctors and NHS staff declare monies earned outwith their real job, in particular any links or posts with Big Pharma.  But many boards don't have registers and the ones that do, well the declarations from some tell us very little of what's going on.  

Who is in cahoots with drug companies?  What psychiatrists are buddies with pharma, in their pay and under their influence?  Why is government doing nothing about it?

As a campaigner against forced psychiatric treatment, given to the "non-compliant", I find it ironic and very annoying that non-compliant health boards are getting away with it.  Why does the uncivil civil servant on high not target the health boards instead of targeting activists who are doing his job for him?

No doubt my writing about it will bring on more shrapnel.  So be it.  I won't back down.

I am not happy about the mental health strategy's separation of the "common mental health problems" from the "severe and enduring mentally ill".  That's stigmatising and discriminatory.  As if recovery is for some and not for all.  

Project Ginsberg, known as the lead person's "baby": "Our mission is to help people become happier and cope better with everyday life.".  There is mention of "insight" magically developed in 6 to 8 weeks using their "insight engine".  
Magic wand?

Some of us have been working on gaining insight for over 40 years.  Discovering that the more we know the less we know. 

"We want to get you up and running to a happier you as quickly as possible."  That's nice but is it SMART? Realistic, achievable, quantifiable?  What are the targets?  Outcomes? 

More about Ginsberg anon.

Footnote re Ginsberg name: "The most famous person lobotomized at Pilgrim was Allen Ginsberg's mother, Naomi. She was a troubled soul, and Allen himself, at the time a 21-year-old graduate student, authorized Pilgrim to perform a lobotomy on her in 1947." from The scary days when thousands were lobotomized on Long Island

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