Sunday, 6 July 2014

madder than a box of ferrets

I had conversations yesterday with a guy on the phone and in person which was interesting and informative.  He was a professional working in a pharmacy setting where there were staff and customers.  Usually I get a young woman from a different background who I don't get on with as she tries to lecture me.

At one point I talked about losing a few stones in weight since the new year and the guy asked how I managed to do that.  To which I responded saying it was just a matter of cutting down snacks and sweet stuff.

He said he'd have to slit his throat to do the same.  I said he didn't look overweight then left.

Very funny looking back, at his mention of throat slitting in a pharmacy environment where there are pills and potions that in quantities could have the same effect.  Ha ha.  A risky thing to say and made me think the guy was madder than a box of ferrets.  Just the sort of person I like to engage with.  That makes two of us!

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