Friday, 2 May 2014

I'm off to the 2nd Open Dialogue Seminar London this weekend in the Round Chapel, Hackney

Round Chapel, Hackney
I'm setting off very early tomorrow morning to fly down from Edinburgh to London for the 2nd Open Dialogue Seminar in the Round Chapel, Hackney.  Looking forward to catching up with folks from the first weekend, see Storify of tweets from Open Dialogue 15/16 March 2014.

from Open Dialogue UK:
"Markku Sutela (Chief Psychologist) and Mia Kurtti (Family Therapist) from the Open Dialogue team in Western Lapland will be attending both weekends, and Jaakko Seikkula (Professor of Psychotherapy) will be attending the weekend of 3rd-4th May. Other speakers include John Shotter, Professor of Philosophy, Jim Wilson, Family Therapist and NHS Consultant, and Nick Putman."

"Building on the first Open Dialogue Weekend on 15th-16th March, members of the Open Dialogue team from Western Lapland will continue to introduce the Open Dialogue approach in some depth to NHS teams from across the country, other mental health professionals with an interest in dialogical/family approaches to psychosis and other forms of mental distress, carers and service users. These weekend seminars, which are taking place at the Round Chapel in Hackney, will be a mixture of presentations and small and large group discussions. 

The presentations will cover topics such as the history of the Open Dialogue approach, the structure of the service in Western Lapland and the principles that underlie it, the practice of meeting with (family) networks, the use of medication, working with people experiencing psychosis, the evidence base for the approach, and the roots of the approach (Gregory Bateson, Milan Systemic Therapy, Need-Adapted Treatment, the work of Tom Andersen, social constructionism, and Bakhtin and dialogical theory).  Some of these topics were covered on the first weekend seminar and videos of presentations from this weekend and the slides from these presentations will be made available to those booking for subsequent weekends, so that all those attending can familiarise themselves with the material already presented."

blossom at St Paul's Sunday morning early 16 March 2014

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