Wednesday, 9 April 2014

tokenistic participation of "service users" in Scotland's mental health world - like throwing scraps to the animals

I've just sent an Email with this strapline to G (not God) about my take on his dealings with the voices of experience, the service users and survivors in Scotland who want to be meaningfully involved in mental health matters but in reality have been marginalised and patronised.  In my case, silenced for speaking out and having an independent voice.

G has moved on to a higher place (not heaven) and is acting a part.  That should suit G as I've always thought he was a good actor.  He's also a good writer but not a good leader or manager.  Unfortunately.  Because the roles he's played required these skills more than the acting and writing.

Although I'm very annoyed with G on one level, on another level I can understand where he's coming from.  However that doesn't affect my activism and campaigning.  Because my family are everything to me.  G will know what that means.  

Scotland needs effective leadership and management in its government departments, especially in the area of mental health.  It's not enough to be able to write fine rhetoric or to be a skilled actor.  We need leaders with vision who are team players and willing to take risks.  

Nothing less will do in Scotland's mental health world where my family have all been conscripts.

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