Tuesday, 22 April 2014

'The Manufacture and ‘Maintenance’ of Oppression: A Very Profitable Business' by Richard Lewis on MIA

Richard Lewis blog post on Mad in America - 'The Manufacture and ‘Maintenance’ of Oppression: A Very Profitable Business'.

"Opiate addiction is neither a disease nor a permanent condition. Methadone and suboxone maintenance programs are beneficial and highly profitable to a small minority of people; to those being “maintained” it becomes nothing more than a modern version of chemical slavery.

Some statistics to keep in mind while reading this blog: Someone dies every 15 minutes in the U.S. from a prescription drug overdose in all categories of drugs; 36% of those deaths involve some form of prescription opiate drug; although methadone accounts for less than 5% of opiate prescriptions it is implicated in one third of the opiate related deaths; and in over 30% of all opiate drug overdose deaths the victim has benzodiazepines in their system.

There is a disturbing theme and common thread interwoven within the fabric of several recent news stories on opiate addiction. These stories should be of particular interest to all those people learning about and fighting various forms of psychiatric oppression. They reaffirm my strong belief that a profit-based system stands as an historical impediment to the advance of science, medicine, and the care of those people experiencing extreme forms of psychological distress."

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Richard and I at Redhall Walled Garden, Edinburgh, September 2013

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