Saturday, 26 April 2014

on having to kiss a few frogs to find a prince

I was doing the hoovering this morning when a thought occurred to me.  As it often does when doing automatic (boring?) tasks like housework, cleaning and washing the dishes.  That you have to hang on in with stuff for a while before finding the bit of gold among the dross.

It happened recently when I attended an event which I thought would be more of the same old.  Which it was, up to a point.  But there was unexpected treasure to be found and glimpses of potential, of hope and of shared meaning.  

I know fine well that the frog kissing in life just can't be avoided, no matter how much you turn your cheek or put on the evil eye.  But I'm aiming to focus more on the possibility of prince charming around the corner.  These moments when the frogs clear and it all makes sense. 

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