Wednesday, 5 March 2014

"The bio-bio-bio model of madness" John Read article from 2005

2005 article in The Psychologist; "The bio-bio-bio model of madness" - John Read wonders what happened to the ‘psycho’ and ‘social’ in explanations of mental illness. 

Excerpts from paper:

"I said that many of us still feel we are living in occupied territory. The war would end, I continued, only when simplistic biological ideologies and technologies withdrew to the appropriate boundary and acknowledged the damage caused by their illegitimate incursion."

"Psychologists, like other academics and health professionals, tend to be rather thoughtful and kindly folk. Most prefer not to engage in wars, of any kind. So it is understandable that so many psychologists have accepted the so-called bio-psychosocial model. It allows psychologists interested in schizophrenia to study which psychosocial factors trigger the supposed genetic predisposition, as long as they are prepared to ignore the absence of reliability or validity for the construct they are studying ( Richard Bentall, 2003)

Nearly ten years have passed and it seems that in Scotland very little has changed, in respect of the bio-bio-bio model of madness and mental illness.

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