Monday, 31 March 2014

'Psychiatry in Context: Experience, meaning & communities' new book by Phil Thomas

New book by Phil Thomas 'Psychiatry in Context: Experience, meaning & communities' out on 16 June 2014:

"This book concerns the central role of contexts in understanding psychosis and distress. The contexts in which we all exist, historical, cultural, social, political, economic and interpersonal shape and give meaning to our lives for good or for bad.  The book proposes that the opportunities we have through narrative to talk about our experiences and the contexts in which they are embedded play a vital role in the task of making sense of our lives, in health, when we are distressed, or overwhelmed by psychosis. 

Scientific research has played an important role in helping us to understand how contexts of adversity, such as trauma, abuse, and experiences of racism can lead to psychosis, and such research will continue to contribute to our future understanding of and responses to psychosis.  Psychiatry in Context argues, however, that if we are to prioritise the role of values and ethics in mental health care, we must engage actively with the contexts of patients through narrative and by working closely with the communities in which patients live."


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