Thursday, 27 March 2014

conflict of interest and unethical? questioning the motives for supporting a pharma funded event

Here is my latest response sent to the SAMH Chief Executive in our dialogue regarding his participation in a Janssen sponsored event promoting Xeplion (followed by a screenshot of the actual Email):

Billy here is the blog post link of our Email exchanges thus far:

I accept your statement that you did not benefit financially however I'm not convinced that you have responded to my statement regarding your participation in a pharma sponsored event promoting a new drug being a conflict of interest and unethical.  SAMH has a history of working with service users and survivors, of mental illness and psychiatric treatment.  Your projects support vulnerable people with mental health issues, including people bereaved by suicide.  I am trying to understand your motives for supporting a pharma funded event.  Side effects of pharma drugs are known to include suicidal ideation. 

Here is a Mad in America blog post by Maria Bradshaw who lost her only child to SSRI induced suicide in 2008, entitled 'No More Tears? The Shame of Johnson & Johnson':

Opening paragraph of Maria's post:
"In 1972, prisoners at Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia were paid $3 to have their eyes held open with clamps and hooks while Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo was dropped into them. In 2011, mothers of newborns were arrested when their babies tested positive for exposure to cannabis, a false result caused by the use of Johnson & Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Foaming Baby Wash. Young men have undergone mastectomies to remove breasts grown as a result of Johnson & Johnson antipsychotics, which were used as a result of Johnson & Johnson’s criminal promotion of its drugs for off-label purposes."

I look forward to hearing your explanation,


[Johnson & Johnson is the parent company of Janssen with a revenue in excess of $71 billion in 2013]


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