Monday, 24 February 2014

why do (some) psychiatrists think and act like they are God?

A short reflective blog post with questions about psychiatrists who think and act like they are God.  (if they were mental patients they would be locked up for thinking like that)

  • why do psychiatrists talk about "saving" the lives of patients?  eg by giving them ECT, forced drug treatment.  (when I was forcibly drugged it didn't feel like I was being saved, more like I was going under)
  • is the phrase "without capacity" too readily used by psychiatrists in their God role?  (I've always thought it was more about control, keeping the peace, silencing the pain) 
  • do psychiatrists who are already on big money, £90K plus per year, believe it is their right to also take money from big pharma?  As in, they make the decisions about life and death so deserve to work hand-in-hand with the tool makers.  (psychiatric drugs = tools of choice)
  • why does the Scottish Government, workers and ministers, allow psychiatrists to act like gods?  They are paid much more than MSPs (chief executive of mental welfare commission is on a salary up to £160K while Alex Neil, cabinet secretary for health is on £100,748, see Scotsman article)
  • what about psychiatric labels/diagnoses, for which there is no proof, only subjective opinion based on observation of behaviours and a harking back to what's been written about other family members "in the notes"?  A perpetuation of ignorance, in my opinion, that has no scientific basis, despite the continued sacrificing of transgenic mice in their fruitless search for biomarkers for mental illness

I'm not impressed and don't believe that psychiatrists are God.  I've seen their feet of clay on many occasions.  I might have had to bow the knee but I didn't like it or appreciate it.  Whatsoever.

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