Sunday, 23 February 2014

remembering my mother's 3 weekly depixol injection - 25 years of having to pull her pants down

written in an Email this morning to a woman who's chief exec of a national mental health organisation in Scotland:

"I and many others, probably much more than 50%, don't like to be forced in psychiatric settings and don't believe it "saved" our lives.  We are not happy at having our agency taken away, our voices silenced and being labelled by psychiatry.  Naming and shaming.  "family history of"  Justifying their course of action, taking away our reputation, saying that we have "lifelong mental illness".  No we don't.  It's the drugs that don't work not the person that's "treatment resistant". 

I have never believed in the "mantra of mental illness".  So I have always taken charge of my own mental health, when on psych drugs, and made a complete recovery, against the guidance of psychiatrists, telling them I was doing/had done so.  Other folk tongue the drugs or stop taking them and don't tell, even if still getting the prescriptions.  That's the reality.  And that's why some folk get forcibly injected with psych drugs, even out in the "community".  It's all about control and power. 

My mother was on a 3wkly depixol injection until she died, aged 68 in 1998, after more than 25yrs of having to pull her pants down.  There was no need for it.  She didn't have mental illness, was an ordered person, a gentle woman, had a paid job, any mental health issues were way back in her life due to different stressors.  And psychiatry treated this by lifelong drugging and humiliation.  They gave her a schizophrenia label.  It sat in her notes for ever, indelibly.  I am not happy about it.

I am all about exposing psychiatry for what it really is.  A patriarchal system that treats everyone like women in their domination and subjugation.  There is also infantilisation, daddy knows best, where a "non-compliant" or naughty patient gets taught a lesson.  The use of the locked seclusion room with no toilet, in the dark.  "that'll teach them"  Well no it didn't "teach" my son and I anything except to expose the human rights abuse for what it was.  Now they are having to learn some lessons.  I hope.  Although it will take more than this to change a dehumanising culture."


  1. Your poor Mum. It is heart breaking.

    1. My mother coped fine Cheryl, had a good life despite the psychiatric control and had a good death. She lived with the depot effects which disturbed her sleep pattern - first week sleeping a lot, third week hardly getting any sleep. She didn't complain and wasn't a victim. She put up with it. But I wouldn't have and don't. Each to our own.

      However I am annoyed, even angry, at what was done to my mother in the name of psychiatry. And to my two younger sisters, my 3 sons and I. She and we deserved better treatment. Psychiatry is a failed paradigm as it exists. We need alternative ways of working with people in mental distress that don't mean force, labelling and stigmatising.

    2. I completely agree with you Chris, psychiatry is not science but delusion. It is more about oppression, injustice, control and human rights abuse. It destroys lives. I work in the system and see this day in and day out. It still goes on. What can we do to stop it?

  2. There is no toilet in your prison cell. I forgot about that. That is , if you are not in cloth handcuffs attached to the bed. You call it patriarchal, it is equally matriarchal . There are lots of female psychiatrists, and psychiatry is not physically violent, it is subtly violent ( you can't see the damage, as in bruises and brain damage), which is a feminine form of controlling the misbehaving children. You can't see the damage? , then there is no damage.


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