Monday, 21 October 2013

why do psychiatric nurses get away with assaulting patients and disrespecting carers?

This morning we were faced with a challenging situation in our local town.  The psychiatric nurse, who had assaulted my son on 1 February 2012, which escalated into a face-down restraint and my son breaking his own hand, passed by and smiled at us. 

It was very difficult to take, especially as I had also made complaints about this nurse's behaviour in the ward to me - putting his arm around me inappropriately, slamming a door in my face - and nothing was done about that either.  Not to my knowledge.

It seems that psychiatric nurses can do with they like with psychiatric patients, and their carers, and are not held accountable for their actions.  Their colleagues back them up, even perjure themselves, and it's taken as the gospel truth, meanwhile patients and carers tell their story and it isn't believed.

So much for truth and justice.  It just doesn't exist in psychiatric settings where I live. 

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