Monday, 7 October 2013

what will it take to bring about real change in Fife psychiatric services?

I'm wondering what it will take to bring about a shift in the nursing practice and management at Stratheden Hospital, and Fife psychiatric services.  So that psychiatric patients and mental health service users are not at risk of seclusion, restraint and forced treatment.  Services that are patient centred not staff focused.  Where carers are treated with respect.

I really don't know.

My son was assaulted, subject to face-down restraint, shut in a room, forcibly injected, broke his own hand to escape.  And still the staff at Stratheden seem to think that patient safety is a laughing matter, as demonstrated in this NHS Fife Stratheden Hospital video.  

A film that was freely available to anyone viewing the Scottish Patient Safety Programme for Mental Health website.  Until this weekend when I complained, again, and was informed today that it has been removed.

What will it take to change the cultural attitudes at a psychiatric hospital that has got too used to using restraint, seclusion and forced treatment on mentally distressed patients?  Complaints processes appear to be useless, in my experience.  They just seem to keep getting away with it.

And what are the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland doing about it?  I don't know that either.  They're not there for people like me, carers or the family I care for, in my experience.  Another psychiatric institution.

Then there is the Scottish Human Rights Commission.  What are they doing about it?  Nothing in particular to do with specific cases, so I'm told.  They form action plans and write documents, speak at events, go to European meetings, meanwhile people are at risk in psychiatric settings. 

It's left up to mothers and carers, families and survivors to do something about it.  Otherwise the human rights abuse will continue as usual.

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