Friday, 11 October 2013

the role of the mental welfare commission - the role of the mental patient

Just posted this photo and comment on Facebook and thought I'd repeat it here:

yes we believe you (not)
"the role of the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland is to keep the status quo, to not rock the boat, to be careful not to offend psychiatry, to be wise after the event. The role of mental patients is to survive whatever way you can and if possible to stay non-compliant whatever they do to you, in the name of psychiatry. IMO.  Rebel on the inside if you can't do it on the outside. Be defiant. Play the system. Take the money. Be a right pain in the neck. Make them feel guilty. Keep their consciences alive. Wake them up to the human rights abuse. They can't keep on being Rip Van Winkel, this is no fairy tale."

Now I feel better.

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