Friday, 25 October 2013

the human rights abuse of mentally ill people in Fife cannot continue

Email just sent to Fife Council social work managers and Fife elected Councillors:

"The onus is on Fife Council social work to bring balance to the psychiatric treatment of mentally vulnerable people who have been incarcerated or silenced with psychiatric drugs.  Because you aren't doing your job right there are human rights abuses going on in psychiatric situations.

We now have no independent advocacy in Fife because you took the contract away from the user groups and gave it to a learning disability service provider based in England, and I suspect a crony.  To award them the contract a second time is beyond comprehension.  There is now no collective advocacy in Fife.  Circles Network do not countenance complaints.  I got a solicitor's letter for raising a complaint about the bullying from their staff.

My son had his human rights abused in Ward 4 of Stratheden Hospital in February 2012.  Locked in a seclusion room for hours at a time with no toilet or water to drink, with a broken hand untreated.  He had to defecate on the floor because no-one let him out for the toilet.  Treated worse than a prisoner.  He was told by staff that he didn't require an advocate to speak with the RMO/psychiatrist.  This same RMO told me that people without capacity don't require advocacy.  Patients in that ward for years were denied a voice.  It's a disgrace.

It cannot continue, the human rights abuse of mentally ill people in Fife.  As public servants you are accountable for what you do with public money.  A £10million overspend is nothing to be proud of.  You can't keep getting away with it.  There has to be major improvements and better financial accounting. 


Mental Health Officers should be protecting the rights of psychiatric patients who are under the Mental Health Act.  It's their duty.  They shouldn't be protecting NHS Fife staff.  The people who use mental health services are your customers, not health board staff. 

Fife elected Councillors should be ensuring that social work staff are doing their jobs rights, protecting the vulnerable and supporting their carers.  You are elected by the people and serve the people.  Not the institution."


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