Monday, 21 October 2013

is recovery all it's cracked up to be?

I'm wondering, after a mammoth series of complaints against NHS Fife about their psychiatric services in Stratheden Hospital, where lies became truth and black became white, if it's not better just to play the system, take their drugs, let them force treatment on patients, denying them basic human rights and agree that I have schizoaffective disorder?  

Then the system will stop badmouthing me.  I will go along with their lifelong mental illness mantra.  Become disabled by the psychiatric drugs, have tardive dyskinesia, lack decision making abilities, be nice to mental health managers in Fife, and lose all sense of self and identity.  

I could be a crony and chum, not rocking the boat or having an opinion of my own.  They would consider me as first choice for any feedback required.  As in, a tick box exercise.  "yes the staff are wonderful"  "no I don't have any complaints"  "yes the ward is a welcoming place with many resources"  "no I didn't see anyone being disrespected or forcibly treated."

Then everyone would be happy.  

Except me. 

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