Monday, 28 October 2013

"I thought, if this can happen to the Duke of Hamilton, what chance has Joe Bloggs got?" Lady Hamilton

No chance whatsoever.  Especially if you happen to be my son and have to access crisis care then psychiatric inpatient treatment at Stratheden Hospital.

Firstly you won't be able to get any support.  Then they'll try to criminalise you if they can get away with it.  Finally they will lock you in seclusion rooms until you are forced to comply.  

Badmouthing your mother in psychiatric notices.  Slandering her motives and reputation.  Family history of schizoaffective disorder.  Mother's mother had schizophrenia.  It's genetic.  Biological.  

No it isn't.  I never believed a word of it and recovered.  There's no such thing as mental illness.  But there is dehumanising treatment behind the locked doors of psychiatric institutions.  In our day and age.  Shameful.

Lady Hamilton said her husband was detained against his will
Article in BBC News Scotland: Duke wrongly sectioned, says Lady Hamilton: "The Duke of Hamilton's widow has called for a change in the law so people cannot be held in psychiatric hospitals on the orders of just two people."

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