Saturday, 26 October 2013

have you ever had your nose rubbed in it?

You'll likely know what I mean.  Especially if you had to engage with psychiatric services where I live.  

The staff who work in the psychiatric hospital up the road really do think that they are exempt from accountability.  That the psychiatric labels pinned on unsuspecting patients and their offspring can be valid reasons for denying basic human rights.

I suppose that if they've got away with it for years they must think that they can keep on doing so.  That mental illness means incapacity means anything goes.  Their word against yours and your word won't be believed because you have mental illness.  Their cronies will back them up to the hilt.  

After all, what is truth in the land of make believe?

Well I don't like getting my nose rubbed in it.  And I'm not prepared to put up with it.

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