Wednesday, 23 October 2013

being victimised by psychiatry doesn't make you a victim

I refuse to be a victim even though psychiatry has done its best to make me feel like one.  Like a stick of rock if you break me in half you will find "resistance" written all the way through, in red letters.  I will not lie down and take it even though they have forced me to do so in the past.

If you lock someone in a seclusion room in an IPCU with no toilet or running water and leave them for hours at a time with a broken hand, unobserved, then this is human rights abuse.  Let's be clear about it.  

A prisoner has more rights than this.

If 5 psychiatric nurses surround a mother in an IPCU visiting room, standing over her while she sits, and refuse her access to her son or allow her to photograph his bruising and broken hand then this is bullying and intimidation.  Let's be clear about it.

Everyone saw the bruising and the broken hand was eventually X-rayed because I got it organised.  They couldn't intimidate me into staying away.  My good friend shared the visiting and she was a witness.  Let's be clear about it.

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