Saturday, 28 September 2013

blog post 'Halloween horror brings out the best in online campaigning' by Chris O'Sullivan

Here is another blog post about the mental patient and psycho ward costumes, by Chris O'Sullivan on - 'Halloween horror brings out the best in online campaigning'.


“There are two lessons for me from this for anti-stigma work going forward.

Firstly, it is far from inspiring that this kind of thing is still happening. Asda have a reputation as good employers of disabled people including those with mental health problems. I have used their staff facilities to hold mental health sessions, and they support numerous community initiatives. Yet this kind of costume was approved for sale by a team, and a manager somewhere.”

“My second point is the point of pride and excitement at the fact that people power led by those with lived experience created an upswell of action that created visible change they could all see and swept the story onto the BBC and ITV news agenda by midnight.

They did not need PR support, or encouragement from mental health charities and anti-stigma campaigns. Most of the charities were not online, though those that were were using their voice well to support the individuals with key messages and pointers.”

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