Thursday, 8 August 2013

'buyer beware' if commenting on SRN news items

Yesterday I put a comment on the Scottish Recovery Network website in response to their news item on 'Peer support worker opportunities'.  

I didn't take a copy of what I wrote but the gist of it was to do with the low pay on the SAMH post, £12K start and the expectation of having to do evenings, weekends, overnights.  I also mentioned the Lanarkshire Links PSW post at £16K starting pay, a better rate but still not a lot for people with 'lived experience' who are required to share their personal stories and have to work in clinical settings.  

I noticed that my comment hadn't gone up by this afternoon so I Emailed the communications officer at SRN, copying it to others, asking if it was going up.  No answer, so I phoned and was told that 3 SRN staff were on holiday, including the person who usually moderates the comments, and this was the reason for the delay.

However not long after I got an Email from Simon Bradstreet, SRN Director, to say that he'd not put my comment up but had sent it on to a SAMH manager.  Without letting me know or asking my permission.  I was taken aback.  If I'd wanted to send a comment to SAMH then I would have done so myself.

I write blogs and people comment on them, from time to time.  I moderate the comments, decide if they should go up or not, if not then that's that.   I wouldn't pass on a person's comment to anyone else.  Making decisions on their behalf. 

Therefore my advice to anyone thinking of commenting on SRN is to beware.  You will lose ownership of your comment and who knows where it might end up?  They have your contact details, your name, and they obviously think they have the authority to decide what to do with your words and opinions without as much as a by your leave.  

It smacks of psychiatric system thinking to me.

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