Thursday, 11 July 2013

seeing the funny side of things

[a less serious blog post]

I enjoy having a good laugh in everyday situations , it's very useful in the world of mental health activism and campaigning.  Being able to see the funny side of things.

That's one of the reasons I disliked having to swallow anti-psychotic drugs.  They made me flat, took away my sense of humour.  I used to try and make of joke out of it, saying to my family that it was like the film 'I Walked with a Zombie'.  Although it didn't feel funny at the time.

A number of situations recently have caused me to laugh uproariously on occasion and titter the rest of the time.  Who needs artificial stimulants when real life can appear so funny?  It's where stand-up comics must get most of their material.  The older I get the more it seems like folk believe their own press, as the saying goes. 

"Irony is a form of utterance that postulates a double audience, consisting of one party that hearing shall hear & shall not understand, & another party that, when more is meant than meets the ear, is aware both of that more & of the outsiders' incomprehension."  Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage, 1926

Speaking on the phone this morning to a friend we were discussing with irony a recurring situation which if we didn't the funny side of it would be very annoying.  It was about a couple who are members of a group and stick their noses into everyone's business without fear or favour.  Unaware of effect or consequences they go merrily on, sometimes leaving chaos in their wake.

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