Wednesday, 24 July 2013

is madness catching?

Is that what it's all about?  The psychiatric labelling of families down through the generations.  Mothers being shocked and drugged because they feel pain and their children after them.  A bit like chickenpox but going much deeper, into the psyche and out through the psychiatric system.  

Changed into a reformed character, remodelled and re-engineered.  Biologically flawed, according to the experts by education.  Separated and segregated.  Siphoned off by means of medication, expected to lie down and take it.  Conform and co-operate.  Believe and be silent.

It's for your own good.  Your brain is affected.  It's genetic.  Biological.  Inherited.  You can't help it.  Don't resist.  We will care for you and make your decisions.  Just lie back.  Relax.  Don't think.  It's for the best.  You'll get used to it.

Is madness catching?  How far has it spread.  Into psychiatry, government and mental health leadership.  Fairy tales of biomodelling meddlers.  Barking up the wrong tree.  Paradox and topsy turvy land.

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