Wednesday, 5 June 2013

the pitfalls of social networking - guidance based on something that happened today

Don't use Facebook for announcing successful business deals funded by statutory agencies without first making your posts private to friends only.  

Especially not if the deal isn't finalised and hasn't been announced by the statutory agency.

Even then it's best not to use social networking for business unless you are an independent worker and it doesn't matter if you put your foot in it and make a fool of yourself.

Remember that not all Facebook friends are your real friends.  Think of them as make-believe friends if you like.  Or fair weather friends.  Whatever you say may be used out of context and could be an embarassment.

If you are bothered about your reputation then think of social networking tools as a useful resource for finding out stuff about other people while being very, very careful about what you write or comment on or repost or like. 

You could also use a false name, a profile photo of an animal or of yourself twenty years ago when your hair was a natural colour.  Be cryptic in your comments, lay false trails, cover your tracks, watch your back, keep folk guessing and only play Facebook games.  

Otherwise just take a risk, let it all hang out.  You might get away with it.

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  1. Announcing business deals before they have being finalised is foolish and highly unprofessional. It's also utter stupidity.


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