Tuesday, 11 June 2013

pecking orders and perches aren't for me

Having a moan:
I do get fed up with the hierarchical shenanigans in the world of mental health activism and have to say it again.  The slippery pole of success where some folk think they are looking down on the rest of us from their perches of supposed superiority in an empire of their own making.

It makes me very annoyed when other survivors think they can tell me what to do or give me a telling off.  I didn't like it back in the primary school of the 1950's and I like it even less now.  The cheek of it.  Folk younger than me or with less lived experience.  As in teaching a granny how to suck eggs.

As a community worker since 1980 it was always about equality, empowerment, everyone being the same, worker and member, paid person and volunteer.  Why should the mental health community be any different? 

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