Tuesday, 4 June 2013

great stuff, awfy braw!

I remember reading oor Wullie in the Sunday Post, 1950's/60's, and in Christmas annuals, identifying with his getting up to mischief, being the leader of a gang and not liking school rules.  And my dad was called Willie and his dad Willie, and in his writing of Jeff Hawke for the Daily Express.  Although I thought he was a journalist and used to tell my friends this, because he worked for a newspaper.

I wanted to write this positive post, like an oasis in a desert, about things I'm involved in, interesting developments where my voice and experience are appreciated.  I'm not going into detail but it's encouraging for me to work with allies in different settings, mental health and otherwise, where I can speak out and not be silenced.  It's more like the world I was used to before coming into mental health activism circa 2008.

So here's tae the folk who know my worth and value my voice.  It just shows that you can't keep a good woman down.  And here's to blogging and social networking, great tools for speaking out and being in control, and the information highway, the internet where anything can be found if you keep on searching.  

Great stuff, awfy braw!

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