Monday, 6 May 2013

peer support movement? no, just jobs for the boys and the rest of us still oppressed

Just posted on Facebook: 

"what's happened to the mental health peer support movement in Scotland and the promise of power to the oppressed? It's more like power to a few and the rest of us still oppressed. The hierarchical shenanigans of our mental health world is very irritating and a perfect copy of the paternalistic, patronising psychiatric system. I didn't recover just to be put in a straitjacket by folk who should know better. Allies in change? I don't think so."

I'm going to have to write something about the peer support movement in Scotland that didn't happen according to plan.  Or at least didn't happen according to what I thought was the plan, back in December 2005 at the SRN PS conference in Glasgow.  If it was only about employability and furthering the aims/pockets of a few well I wouldn't have got involved.  I didn't start up Peer Support Fife in January 2008 to build myself an empire but to promote the PS model, recovery and to bring about real change in psychiatry and mental health services.

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