Wednesday, 24 April 2013

WRAP in Scotland, top heavy with health professionals

A brief post about WRAP - wellness recovery action planning - in response to an Email I got on Friday from SRN, excommunicating me from the facilitator network.  With mention of needs rather than free speech, personal responsibility, equality, fairness, justice.  For the network is top heavy with mental health professionals who run to the rescue of those with "needs".

This is what's wrong with the recovery movement, it's really a recovery for some movement and wrap in cotton wool others movement.  Hierarchical just like other mental health institutions rather than taking back the power and being responsible for our own lives and welcoming the risks.  

I didn't recover, and survive mental illness and the psychiatric system, just to be straitjacketed by so called networks of people with 'lived experience'.  A euphemism for let's keep it just the same as it always was with a few at the top and most of us at the bottom.

Here's to being at the bottom, at the grassroots and having a voice!  


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