Wednesday, 13 February 2013

they've got away with it

I've given up on getting justice through the complaints process for the bullying and intimidation that went on at Stratheden Hospital in February and March 2012, against me and mine.  The psychiatric nursing staff have got away with it.  

Patients and carers can be treated with disrespect, badmouthed and even assaulted, and nothing will be done about it.  Mothers blamed for psychiatric system failure.  For daring to complain about inappropriate nursing practice.  For speaking out about the vulnerability of female patients and of what goes on behind closed doors.

But they won't stop me speaking out.  Regardless of useless complaints systems and colluding social work staff.  Of bullying and intimidating behaviour.  Just because they are allowed to give compulsory treatment doesn't mean to say they should be using force.  It's not a short cut.

There needs to be a transformation of culture, management and leadership at Stratheden Hospital, so that patients, carers and families are treated with respect and given the care they deserve.  Not sure how this will come about.  The nursing staff have got away with it and are likely to keep getting away with it.  We need independent advocacy, locally led.  Unfortunately the local advocacy projects lost out at a tendering process in 2009 to the English learning disability service provider Circles Network.


  1. I think there is no chance of anyone getting an apology from the mental health services when you have been wronged. They all close ranks and lie through their noses to shield each other and the authorities will believe them not you. I have been there. I hope I will never need their "help" again.A.V.

  2. I am afraid that it is too easy to 'get away with it' in psychiatric hospitals. It is too easy ignore the patients' complaints in such hospitals ( 'they suffer from delusions', 'they are paranoid'). When family members complain - they are being difficult and anyway mothers are always to blame ( overprotective, disciplinarian, whatever).
    Should be a way to assess the service which is financed by taxpayers.
    Maybe the psychiatric wards should be reviewed by users ( patients and families) and the results should be published somewhere? Maybe the users should be allowed NOT to go to the ward with a particularly bad opinion and to go somewhere else instead? Maybe if there was a kind of ranking list the staff in the worse places wouldn't be that comfortable with 'getting away with it'?

  3. Thanks for comments, good points. I think when staff are allowed to bully and intimidate, to force and subdue, then they will also be allowed to get away with it. For the system is condoning their behaviour. Patients and carers won't be listened to or believed. It's a regime not a hospital. And if you don't conform then you'll be for it. And so we were.