Wednesday, 6 February 2013

getting justice in the psychiatric system

I've been considering the importance of getting justice in the psychiatric system if there has been abuse perpetrated by a paid worker.  When labels of mental disorder give rise to behaviour that goes unchecked and nothing is done about it.  Paid 'professionals' getting away with it.  What can be done?

Theoretically there are complaints systems but these can be weak and frustrating over the longer term, in my experience.  The temptation is to give up when justice isn't forthcoming and just live with the feelings of victimisation, or try and forget.   The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland is another avenue for complaint as they do investigations into "situations where something has gone wrong in mental health ... services".

I think blogging is a very therapeutic way of having a voice and telling your side of the story.  So is Facebook and Twitter, and no doubt many other social networking sites that give opportunities for people to speak out and be heard.  For it's important not to be silenced, to my mind, whether the system approves or not.  Our lives are not all about systems even though at times it seems we have no option to traverse through them.

We don't live in a totalitarian state although for those of us with a psychiatric history sometimes it feels like it.  And justice can be a long time coming.  However I choose to be optimistic, it seems best since I've over 40 years of engaging with the psychiatric system, personally and helping family members in and through.  For me it makes sense to have hope that justice will prevail.

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  1. I wrote a letter to my son's psychiatrist telling him exactly how I felt about his lies at the tribunal and that I knew that he was lying to protect his collegues' backs who had failed to spot that my son's psychposis was due to a bad infection. They had also failed to diagnose the NMS he had developed on Olazapine and they were terrified that I might sue them which I never intended to do. I would have liked them to apologise though and to put things right. Writing that letter made me feel so much better. A.V.