Thursday, 14 February 2013

getting away with bullying and intimidation

They got away with bullying and intimidation.  Regardless of complaints systems or accurate detailing of everything that happened, as it happened, from day one.  It had no effect on their treatment of a mother and her son 

They justified it by writing about the mother, saying she was "difficult" and "demanding".  A family history of schizoaffective disorder.  So it was OK to use force with the mother, disrespect her, accuse her of psychological harm.  With no evidence.

How dare she try to protect her son and expose the human rights abuse?  She should have kept right out of it and left the psychiatric nurses to do the business.  Restraint, seclusion and forced treatment the order of the day.  Patients left unattended.  Policemen brought in to deal with distressed female patients.  

Queuing up for psychiatric drugs.  No privacy or personal space.  Dormitories for female patients overlooked by male patients in single rooms.  Unsupervised spaces, nurses busy writing notes.  Works of fiction and subjective opinion.  Justifying the use of force, the disrespect of mothers.

Forgetting to tell a mother that her son's hand got broken when he was shut in a room with 3 male nurses.  Saying it was justified, the assault on her son when she wasn't on the ward.  In fact, it was all the mother's fault and so she was also forcibly treated, keeping it in the family.  Put under pressure to conform and obey the psychiatric fraternity.

But the mother wouldn't lie down and take it.  She persisted with complaining and advocating for her son.  They stood together throughout the locked ward indignities, human rights issues and disregard of mental health act safeguards.  Professionals saying that people without capacity didn't require advocacy.  (Circles Network, Warwickshire, manage the Fife project)  Trying to override safeguards to do what they wanted with her son.  But he knew the mental health act and would not be bullied.

So mother and son stood against the bullying and intimidation.  They would not be victims although they were victimised.  Attempts were made to criminalise them both but they stood tall and refused to be subdued by the use of compulsory treatment.  Policemen coming to their home and demanding entry.  Social workers looking for evidence to blame the mother and excuse the dehumanising treatment.

They got away with it. 

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