Thursday, 14 February 2013

ECT - new pain for old

I believe that ECT/shock treatment is about inflicting new pain so that people, mostly women, forget the old pain.  For a while, a short while.  Similar to chemical straitjackets but more abusive and more focused on females.  As Bonnie Burstow describes it "a gentleman's way of battering a women".

People usually need 'maintenance' treatments of ECT.  Many ask for it again and this seems to be a psychiatrist's justification that it's OK to shock women, silence their pain for a moment, and give them some relief.  They probably think they are being humanitarian.  When in fact they are keeping them quiet.

Recently I was told by a man in a position of power, with letters after his name. to "SHUT UP" and "go to bed".  This demonstrates perfectly the viewpoint of men in psychiatry who want to silence women's objections and expressions of pain.  

"Are you tearful?" was a question often asked by a psychiatrist of me before cranking up the dose of venlafaxine.  A drug that depressed me, took away my sense of humour and singing voice.  Dumbed down and emotionless, a life not worth living, to my mind.  Fortunately I came to my senses and escaped.

Well I'm not going to shut up or go to bed.  I will keep speaking about pain and abuse, until the cows come home.  In over 40yrs of psychiatric engagement, pumped full of drugs from time to time, they've not managed to keep me quiet.  And it won't be happening.  This woman's not for turning.

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