Sunday, 3 February 2013

agency locum psychiatrists - ignorance is no excuse

This blog post isn't about Fife but about a health board nearby which is using agency locum doctors on locked psychiatric wards.  A recipe for disaster and headless chicken abandonment.  With patients and carers taking the brunt of it, for which there's no excuse.

I've just been reading the report submitted by an agency locum psychiatrist to a mental health tribunal.  If it were a court of law then this evidence would be thrown out as unsubstantiated and conjecture.  Hearsay and false deduction based on historical notes that have no basis in reality.  

I shouldn't be surprised as it's happened before but this is the worst one yet.  Chinese whispers on a grand scale and so-called professionals picking up a wage for writing this baloney.  And that's a kind word for it.  However the ones I blame are the high heid yins who get the big money and are not being held accountable.

For some reason the government thinks this area is doing a good job.  Not sure where they are getting their information from.  On the ground it's not happening, there's delusional thinking going on, and not just in the writing of the notes or reports.  The truth's not getting out, that the game's a bogey.


  1. Someone described my tribunal manuscripts as a comedy, you wouldn't need to rewrite anything.

    But I wasn't laughing whilst on "meds". Kids playing with weapons in my opinion.

  2. Same here. My son's tribunal was a right pantomime. What the doctor said was pure lies. When I protested the judge told me off as if I were a school girl and I actually started singing la-la-la in my head. The judge of course believed what the psychiatrist was saying: that my son was a revolving door patient when it was the first time he had been hospitalised etc. I was shocked! If that is justice... I thought and said so too. A.V.


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