Saturday, 26 January 2013


Just wrote this on my facebook about stigma:

"stigma is the labelling people as 'mentally ill' and therefore having lifelong mental illness - stigma is so-called medical notes that have so-called diagnoses like schizophrenic and schizoaffective disorder and anything disorder for the term 'disorder' is a reason and excuse for compulsory/forced treatment"

"so in my opinion organisations that say they challenge stigma should be entering the gates of psychiatric institutions and challenging these stigmatising labels and the use of force"

"it's not enough to be saying 'see me I'm a person" we need something far stronger to tackle the real stigma that is in psychiatry which insists they are right and we are wrong - so there! and I will not stop talking about it whatever label they stick in my notes because I don't believe it!!"

I do get so fed up with everyone patting each other on the back and saying we have challenged stigma when in fact they have done nothing of the kind.  To let force in psychiatric treatment continue and stigmatising psychiatric labels remain indelibly then it is just more reinforcing of stigma.  For you haven't really tackled the root of the problem which is that psychiatry isn't a science but a means of social control.

I've got to say it.  Can't keep quiet.  The system just won't tolerate those of us who tell it how it is and speak out about injustice.  For if they had to admit the years of misleading patients and drugging people senseless then their credibility might be at risk.  I'll say it quietly then.  They haven't got it right which means they've got it wrong.  

There's no such thing as mental illness or biomedical model.  It's a body and mind thing, to do with physical stuff and traumatic circumstances.  Something which can happen to anyone, not just 1 in 4 or 1 in 3.  It could be you or me, depending on what life throws at us or where we're born or if we're poor while others beside us are rich.  

You know the sort of thing.  Nothing to do with brain chemicals until they force feed us psychiatric drugs and then do brain scans to prove it.  It's a no win situation if entering the psychiatric system.  Unless you fake it, take the pills and agree with them, go about looking like you're conforming, smile vacantly, get your peer support from other patients who know the ropes.  Do what you can to survive.

And wait for your chance to escape the tyranny of a system gone wrong since the asylum days of refuge.  When it still was a lottery before the postcode era.  Some things never change.  Take it all with a pinch of salt, the bad mouthing and fairy tale note writing.  For who reads it anyway until the next time, and there might not be a next time.  Who knows?  In the land of make believe.


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