Saturday, 26 January 2013

new blog intro

Starting this new blog as a main writing tool in my work as an activist and campaigner in mental health matters.  So it will include topics mainly mental health but also about local happenings where I live near Cupar in Fife and developments at the local psychiatric hospital Stratheden. 

I will archive the other blogs from this date and put links at the side.  They all say something about what was going on at that moment in time, a diary and useful (for me anyway) means of being heard and hopefully having an influence.  But who knows?

The main thing for me is to have an outlet for my thoughts and feelings, to express what I might see as unfair or discriminatory or stigmatising.  I hope it will be informative and a way of sharing stuffMaybe ringing some bells for other folk.  There's nothing worse I think than speaking out about issues and not being heard.

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