Thursday, 31 January 2013

jumping through the hoops

I've just received a letter which requires me to jump through some hoops.  Well, I've done what was requested and also created some hoops of my own.  So there, to whoever might be reading and knows about the letter.

I won't go into detail at present and we'll see how things develop.  It should be interesting.  Above all I like when life's interesting for I really don't like to be bored.  Life's too short for that, especially now I'm approaching the twilight years.

Recently I've had a psychiatric professional recommend I take up making soup and home baking.  Well, I used to do this many years ago when my children were young.  I also knitted woolly jumpers and read romances.  Now I'm more into activism, campaigning and helping people to have a voice.  

And love stories with happy endings don't do it for me any more.  Not that I ever thought they were about real life or true.  It was purely escapism at the time, much like the soaps I watched or the Clayhanger trilogy by Arnold Bennett. on TV in 1976.  Interestingly I note that it had underlying tones of female emancipation.

I'm all for women's rights, being a woman.  Even more so now after a lifetime of witnessing the marginalisation of women in psychiatry under the guise of care and treatment.

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